Painting Leek


The Escape from Hat cover image was created on the iPad using the Brushes app, then tweaked and colour corrected in Photoshop. Here is the original digital painting, step by step.


Moleskine Sketchbook

The ultimate Candykiller collectible is up for grabs.

I’ve decided to sell my Moleskine sketchbook. The 76 pages feature hundreds of original drawings, all executed by hand, many of which ultimately became iconic Candykiller designs. Page samples are available for perusal here, or click on the image below for a closer look.

Serious collectors should contact me by email for further details.

UPDATE – sold.

Escape from Hat on Amazon

Escape from Hat is now available from Amazon.

Escape from Hat is the story of Leek, an especially talented lucky rabbit in an especially unlucky situation. When a fateful magic trick sends Leek tumbling into the land of Hat, the rabbit yearns only to return to the human boy he’s sworn to protect. But the dark realm of Hat is ruled by black cats, whose job it is to spread bad luck among us all. When Millikin discovers that his nemesis now journeys through his own back yard, the cat commands his dark legions to find Leek and his faithful companions, with the help of their insidious machines, the Dimmer-Dammers. Meanwhile, in the world that has a sun, young Cecil Bean is left without any luck at all – good or bad – as his personal black cat searches madly for his own white rabbit. Thus Cecil embarks on his own journey to find the sinister magician who first cast his rabbit into peril. From rickety caravans to gargantuan sea monsters, the parallel journeys of a boy and his rabbit are a reminder that love and friendship are the greatest magics of all.

Adam Kline presents a classic tale of humor, charm, and epic proportion, brought to life by the vibrant illustrations of Brian Taylor, which tread a delicious line between traditional fantasy and contemporary pop. This is a book to keep, to give, to read curled in a corner and aloud at bedtime, for both the young and the simply young at heart.

Note: If The book is listed on Amazon as Temporarily out of stock, you can still go ahead and place your order, and the book will be sent out when available. New stocks are replenished every few days.